Hosting Gatherings

It’s your community’s turn to host the gathering! This is both hard work and rewarding. As a group, you will serve the entire church by creating a clean, welcoming, and clear space for our church and new people. This is also crucial! Here’s an overview of the responsibilities, timeline, instructions, photos, and tips:

  • Clean the Gathering Room

  • Set-up the Signs, Tables, Chairs, and other spaces

  • Welcome people at the kids and connect table

  • Have two leaders available to pray for people following communion until the end of the gathering

  • Pack up and clean up to leave the room as it was when we got there.


  • We highly recommend getting everyone in your Missional Community involved in the entire endeavor. More on the details of setting up, below.

  • Divide the tasks and give people jobs. For example, put a few people in charge of setting up the welcome area, another person in charge of the kid rooms, another in charge of chairs, another in charge of signs, etc. This really helps! Have the same people who set-up stuff pack it up.

  • Bring a some baked goods and/or some fruit to share at the connect table.

  • Pack stuff up into the same tubs the stuff came in and have the same people who set it up pack it up.


  • 8:30 am - Everyone arrives at Farragut Elementary School to set-up.

  • 8:35 am - Start by removing the cafeteria tables and setting up chairs (120). See these images for more on chairs.

  • 9:15 am - Set-up complete! Prayer with the other people serving on Sunday (kids, teacher, host, etc).

  • 9:40 am - Have multiple people in your MC at children’s check-in and connect table to welcome new people.

  • 11:30 am - Begin tearing down and packing up. Please save the Connect table for last, and have a few people in your MC there to talk with visitors as well.

  • 12:00 pm - Take all the gathering supplies back to the Forgeng’s house AND make sure all cafeteria tables are back where they need to be. Get the “all clear” from Trip or Brad.

Set-Up Instructions

Brad Watson or Trip Forgeng will be around to help. After you’re done setting up one of them will do a quick walk through and make final adjustments.


4 Communion Tables

All communion supplies should be in the tub labeled: “Communion”.

Each communion table will have:

  • Small table (these tables fold and will come with the supplies from the Forgeng’s house)

  • A burlap tablecloth.

  • A metal chalice with juice filled so that people can easily dip the bread.

  • A wooded bowl withe gluten free communion bread.

  • An offering box

When you’re done setting these tables up, put the tub under the “Coffee” table.

Gathering Invite.png

Outdoor Signs

Signs help new people know where to go. They’re really important!

  • 1 on the corner of Culver and Elenda.

  • 1 on the corner of Elenda and Braddock

  • 1 at the end of Elenda

  • 1 on Sidewalk leading to entrance on Farragut.



The Nursery has a pull up sign and a plastic gate. Inside, we put together the foam puzzle mat and place the toy tub in that room, too.

Welcome area.jpg

Connect + Check-In

All supplies for connect and kid’s table will be found in the “Connect” tub.

  • You will get two folding tables from the stage and take them out front.

  • You will move the school’s welcome board to the front of the office doors.

  • 1 “Welcome” Pull-up sign for the far left area.

  • You will also run the green extension chord from the outlet behind the refrigerators in the cafeteria outside, under the tables for the label printer.

Kids Table.jpg

Kid Table

  • Kid’s tablecloth

  • Printer plugged in

  • Kid’s iPad charged and connected. (Labeled on back)

  • Follow instructions on printer to connect.

  • Jesus Storybook Bibles

  • Class descriptions

Connect Table.jpg

Connect Table

  • Connect tablecloth

  • Stand with brochures about Soma

  • Soma notebooks

  • Bibles

  • Connect iPad (Labeled on back)

When you’re done setting up, put the tub and the bag for the “Welcome Sign” under the “Connect” table.

Coffee Table.jpg


All supplies for coffee table will be in the “coffee” tub, except for the table itself and the two pull-up signs.

  • If there isn’t a table already there, get a table from the stage.

  • 2 signs: “The Gospel is…” and “The Church is…”

  • Coffee tablecloth.

  • Box for coffee pots to rest on

  • Metal container for sugar, creamers, and stir sticks.

  • 100 coffee cups

  • Trash bin

  • 4 water bottles filled up placed in wooden box

  • 60 water cups.

When you’re done, put the tub and the bags for the signs under the table.

Restroom Directional Sign.jpg

Indoor Signs

Our orange signs within the gathering help new people become familiar with the space and helps them find the bathrooms, kids rooms, and find their way back. It’s hard to describe where signs go. Use the photos here to know where to place them.


Stage Area

All the sound system and instruments will be setup by the sound and music team. Your role is placing the rug and signs. On the left, is the Father, Son, Spirit sign and on the right is Family Servant Missionary.