City Seminary


Vision for City Seminary

To equip disciples to know the True Story, live the True Story, and speak the True Story in love within their city, their vocation, and their church. Through this training, we will strengthen our missional communities, DNA groups, and church as a whole.

We believe that as we root disciples in the truths of the gospel and the mission of God, we will further equip our church today and for the future. 

We believe we share the same calling as the early church to establish disciples in the truth to cultivate a gospel-centered culture and further gospel saturation in Los Angeles. Much like Paul’s endeavor to train and teach every night at the School of Tyrannus, in Ephesus (Acts 19:9), as it became a church planting HUB in the city, we will pursue the same thing here. 

Participants will develop a biblical missiological theology and practical theology through reading the Bible, engaging thoughtful and diverse practitioner, discussions with one another, and personal reflections. 

Details: How it will Work

City Seminary is designed to be a transformative journey through two modules or courses and an intentional independent reading through the summer.

  • Participants will do homework each week that will include reading, reflection, videos, and more. Roughly two hours homework each week.

  • Classes or Sessions will be Tuesdays, 8-10pm and are discussion based

  • Module 1 will be from March 5th - April 23rd

  • Independent Bible Reading and Reflection from April 24th - September 23rd.

  • Module 2 will be from September 24th -November 12th.

  • Cost is $20/Module + purchase of The Mission of God by Christopher Wright.

  • Below is an overview of each module. Want to take a deep dive? Download the entire syllabus here.


There is as simple application process that involves:

1) A two question questionnaire

2) Reading an article (15 pages) and writing a 500 word response

3) Commitment agreement

Overview of Learning Process

Module 1: Biblical missiological hermeneutic

Tuesdays at 8pm from March 5th - April 23rd

Over the course of eight weeks, participants will grow in their understanding of the Bible and how to interpret the Bible while forming a thoroughly biblical theology rooted in the mission of God. 

Independent Reading and Reflection

Between the modules, participants will read or listen to the entire Bible. They will also respond to their reading utilizing these seven interpretive questions in a journal. Journals will be complete before the beginning of Module 2.

Module  2: practical theology

Tuesdays at 8pm from September 24th - November 12th

Participants will engage challenging and important questions from a global urban perspective: how do we live our theology? Also, participants will be stretched to conceive the scope of the gospel and the scope of mission within seeming tensions. Lastly, students will, like the first Christians, read New Testament texts as the source for building a practical theology.