DNA Guide: Ephesians 1:1-14

These guides are designed to help DNA groups engage the Scriptures from the sermon on Sunday and deepen conversations and growth around the gospel. If you missed this sermon, you can listen here as a primer for your DNA time.


The opening lines of Ephesians bring us into a pre-existing relationship between the Apostle Paul and the church he helped start. Furthermore, it begins with a poem about the glory and majesty of God the Father and his remarkable work in Jesus. Later in this letter Paul describes this grace as a mystery for himself but also for every believer. And it is just that. It’s a profound and beautiful mystery of God’s incredible grace to bless us and adopt us into his family.

Take time to watch the Bible Project’s video on Ephesians and then jump into this text and discussion.


Read Ephesians 1:1-14 out loud

What do these verses tell us about God?

What does this tell us about God’s work?

What does it tell us about ourselves?

How would we say this same passage in our own words?


This passage describes our unconditional adoption into God’s family to bring the Father Glory and Jesus praise. We often abandon this truth in our hearts or it often feels distant. Use these questions to dig deeper.

Where in your life do you feel abandoned? Why?

Where do you feel like you need to earn acceptance? Why?

When do you desire glory and praise? Why?

Thinking about your story and this passage, how has God glorified himself by making you an heir?


This passage also describes the Holy Spirit as the mark of our adoption. A Christian who lives a life empowered by the Spirt will be reminded of who Jesus is and what he taught, reminded of his character and their identity in Christ. The Spirit gives us power for speaking the gospel and demonstrating the gospel, to be disciples and make disciples. Essentially, the Holy Spirit compels us to glorify God.

How can you make space in your life to listen to what the Holy Spirit tells you about Jesus, your identity, and God’s glory?

Pray Together:

Spend time praying for each other as you reflect on this passage and your own lives.