Proverbs in DNA: Rest

This guide was created to facilitate a DNA group's dive into our sermon series on Proverbs.


Reading the Scriptures and Discovering Truths about God and His World.

Read: Genesis 1, Exodus 20:8-11, Proverbs 13:25, Proverbs 30:15-16, Proverbs 19:23,  Matthew 11:28-30

Q: What does this tell us about God and His Character?


Q: What does this tell us about what God does, and what he’s done? 


Q: What does this tell us about who we are? 


Q: What does this say about how we are called to live?



Turning inward toward our own heart and beliefs. We’ve already discussed our striving, chaos, and busyness. We might “know” the things we’ve discussed, but we often doubt them in our hearts.

Q: What are of your life do you hear a voice saying: This isn’t enough? Where do you struggle with contentment, why do you think that is?


Q: Why is it hard for you to rest, and what does that say about your trust (or fear of or knowing of) God? 


Speak the truth in love to one another. Spend a few minutes describing how great and glorious God is amidst our fears, anxieties, and even greed. Consider reading Matthew 11:28-30 as an invitation to repentance and faith from Jesus.


Lastly, we want to discuss how we will walk in obedience and live the wisdom we’re learning in everyday life and in community.

Q: If we were experiencing a satisfied rest, what impact would that have on our culture? 


Q: How would our rest change our community interactions and our relationships with others?


Q: What would taking a sabbath look like? What would you “rest” from? How would you remember God’s work? How would you enjoy God’s work through recreation? 


For help, consider making plans together for a sabbath using the these guides for either a time of silence and solitude or an entire sabbath day: