DNA Guide: Ephesians 4:1-16

These guides are designed to help DNA groups engage the Scriptures from the sermon on Sunday and deepen conversations and growth around the gospel. If you missed this sermon, you can listen here as a primer for your DNA time.


What is the Christian life? In chapter 4, Paul shifts his letter ever so slightly to begin talking about how the mystery of the gospel transforms everything in our lives. This chapter contains some of the most powerful language of encouragement to be and live in light of the grace God has given us.


Read Ephesians 4:1-16 out loud.

What does this passage tell us about the Christian life? What is it all about?

What does this passage tell us about Christian community?

What is the goal of Christian community? What is your role in it?


Often, the Bible lands on us as truths to believe, or rules to obey. Here, Paul is very clearly saying, there’s a life to be lived in community and under the hope of Jesus. Where every part of life is filled with the singular love of God to us and in us.

How do you respond to that? What does that hit you in your emotions? What distance is there between what you read and what you believe?

Paul also describes the maturing of the body so we aren’t tossed to and fro…what parts of your life feels chaotic? What messages do you believe that lead to emptiness?


Here Paul is calling, urging, and encouraging us to walk worthy of the gospel. How often are you encouraged to be who you were made to be? How regularly do you find yourself encouraging others?

What does it mean for you to be called to abundant life? What does that feel like?

What if you regularly spoke the truth in love to one another like that?