Application for City Seminary

There are three parts to this application: 1) questionnaire, 2) reading and response, 3) commitment agreement. 

To complete the application, you will need to read this article by Harvie Conn and write a 500 word response to the questions provided.


Section 1: Questionnaire
Name *
Are you in an MC? *
Have you talked with your MC leader and do they think it’s a good idea for you to jump into this at this time? *
Section 2: Reading and Response
Read “Mission, Missions, and Theology” by Harvie Conn, 15 page article (link above) and paste your responses to these questions here: What is Conn's primary point? Why is theology and mission important? In light of this article, how do you want to grow through City Seminary?
Section 3: Commitment Agreement
What are you committing to?
This entire learning process has a few built in assumptions: you’re in a missional community, you’re in a DNA group, and you participate in corporate worship gatherings. This learning apart from those discipleship environments will likely produce more knowledge but not wisdom. To grow up in Christ, you need the opportunity to love others well in community, worship God with others, serve alongside brothers, and be equipped to pursue a relationship with God. This process is designed to be integrated into those things. Reading books and discussing things is awesome, but it isn’t everything! We’re learners. We want you to take ownership for your own development and learning. You’re doing this to grow in your affections for Jesus and the growth of following him. Do the reading, be curious, pause and pray, and take the necessary steps to help you learn and grow. You’re an adult and you’ve decided to participate in this process—own it. We’re servants to Jesus and serve one another: this includes learning! You brining your best will make everyone’s learning exceed. It’s like a potluck: if everyone bring’s a dish and shares, you have a feast. One sign of maturity is not only owning your own growth, but acknowledging your impact on the growth of others.